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  • Rachna Bisht

Empathy towards other living creatures.

A new feature which we are starting today under the Trust is a BLOG. The aim is to reach out to people, share our thoughts, provide information on topics related to animals. Through the blogs we wish to sensitize the public, reach out to pet parents and provide solutions to questions posted, associated with these lovely furry friends. While we will be writing on topics which we think are important, at the same time, we will be happy to express our views on a particular issue that you we would like us to talk about. 

The society has changed over the years and the biggest change we see today is rights-based approach for oneself. Growing up in a small town up in the hills meant living in a society where most of us were known to each other. Even if one stepped out to get some grocery, just a kilometer walk would mean meeting family friends, uncle, aunty and neighbors. No walk was complete without returning home and telling we met x number of people.

It was a common sight to see people walk their dogs. One knew their names, one would pat them; and then there were community animals who would be seen around day and night. Often people would feed them. Some would just be rummaging through the leftovers in garbage heaps. They were however the first guards in any colony. Even on a cold winter night, when houses were locked and people were cuddled in their beds, it was these furry friends who would alert if any stranger walked around. Most of the thefts were averted as timely alarm by these furry friends would wake up people in neighborhood. People too respected their instincts and would at once switch on the light to check if there was anything strange outside.

Today, living in metropolitan cities has changed life completely from what it was in the mountains. You may walk everyday but there are very few people you recognize on the road or would greet with a smile and folded hands. People do not appreciate it if you are walking the dog. Self-entitlement that we live in this posh locality and are rich enough to pay the price of the house puts us on a higher pedestal that other living beings.

As the society is not accepting these animals, they too are not friendly to you. A little bark is taken as a nuisance which disturbs the peace in the locality. The security they provide every day from intrusion into locked homes goes unnoticed. A little bark in the night is associated as disturbing the sleep with little realization that they are alerting you against any movement. A little poop on the road is taken as a mess which needs to be cleaned immediately not accepting the fact that packets of garbage and rubble is always tucked in corners of the locality and lies there for months.

A little acceptance that we share this world with other living beings is needed. Our might has thrown these animals out of places which were earlier their abode. They are learning to co-habit with us. It is amazing to see how animals have learnt to cross the road following the red and green light. They live under flyovers, in garages, on pavements and still wag their tail if they recognize you. They come running to you if you have ever patted them. Can we not teach ourselves and our children empathy towards these furry friends? It is important that we understand that shooing them away from our colony or their habitation is no solution. Learning to live together is the only way forward.            

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